Liste de mots de la Toki Pona. De longueur indeterminée. (6/13)

See also Tatoeba on the Internet which has >1000 sentences in T-Pona.

ascendre - tawa sewi (aller en haut - go up)

comment / how - nasin seme

ecole - tomo sona

football - musi sike noka

fort/strong - wawa

fourchette, fork - ilo moku

foreigner, étranger - jan pi ma ante

goodbye - tawa pona (aller bien - farewell)

gouvernement - kulupu lawa

hair, cheveux - linja lawa

happen, se passer - kama (come)

help, aider - pana e pona

jardin - ma kasi

N - ZEdit

remove - weka

rice - pan

river - telo linja

sauce - telo namako

school - tomo sona

sewage - weka telo

sea - telo suli

triste/sad - pilin ike

(Toki Inli - Toki Kanse)

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